who is this?

hmmm…. me, you ask?  i’m a gal who likes… all things fashion.

and loves to eat.

frozz yoghurt. photo credit: fatfatsheep.blogspot.com

i also like deerhunter. border collies (duggie from AMS, you know who you are).


Keizergracht and Leidesgracht.

breaking bad. founders double trouble.  dutch pancakes (am I seeing a trend here?).

Banana and chocolate sauce Pannekoeken – Pancake Bakery Upstairs, Amsterdam.

tv on the radio. cats that look like jerks. modern family. peonies.

helmut lang knitwear.

spaghetti alla carbonara (roman style, absolutely no alfredo sauce please!).

photography (duh).


the wire. de kooning. founders kbs. bbc Sherlock.

puccini bombini. amsterdam.

dior show blackout. prada parfum. sushi.

ysl rings modeled by rex.


PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ole me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.

17 thoughts on “who is this?”

  1. Hi, Love the name of your blog (that little known fact about wasps and figs boggles my mind!) – and your photos are unreal! I’m just starting out on my blogging journey and hope I can get my pics up the scratch….
    cheers, h


  2. great photos!

  3. I am quite certian we are the same person. Seriously-NO ONE knows what a pannekoken is! NO ONE. Pannekokens are my fav food ever. Also, I LOVE THE WIRE. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Your hair is ab fab. And I have that DINO–NO JOKE.

  4. Love your photos and style!

  5. Hi there! 🙂 Enjoyed your photos and writing 🙂 Amsterdam is fabulous! Good luck!

  6. Your blog is absolutely brilliant! I’m happy I came across it now. You’re an excellent photographer, and your sense of style is very tasteful.

  7. Fig & wasp is my first exposure (pun intended) to this sort of blog/art thing.I wonder where this might take me.
    Great shots OBVIOUSLY.

    Newly opened I’s

  8. I dig your style and your photos are simply marvelous! Very inspiring.

  9. Hey,

    We love your blog and just wanted to let you know that we nominated you for the Sunshine Award on Bare Bones! Thanks for being an inspiration! Check it out!



    m & c.

  10. hi there,
    I came across your blog through bucket list
    I absolutely love your photographs, the compositions r esp. brilliant

  11. soroilily said:

    Nice Photos

  12. I love your blog. Great photos of Italy! Going to Positano in 2 days and cant wait! – Sonia Mann

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