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imageHere again is the chance for winter weather. I myself am tired of snow and hearing the word, “snowmageddon”. Are you? Thought so.

The only plus side (or down side if you’re thinking of the aftermath) of a winter storm for me is the opportunity to indulge in comfort foods. Rich decadent desserts top the list along with hearty main courses. Feast your eyes on some of my favorites!

Above, Lucette Grace, Raleigh.

unlimited delicious jordaan netherlands holland amsterdam dof dessert tartUnlimited Delicious, Jordaan, Amsterdam.

chucks raleigh downtown ashley christensen frites Chuck’s, Raleigh.

macaroons macarons paris laduree dof close up nikon Laduree, Paris.

burgers chucks raleigh downtown ashley christensen dof Chuck’s, Raleigh.

downtown raleigh beasleys chicken honey pot pie dof food ashley christensenBeasley’s Chicken + Honey, Raleigh.

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’nuff said

Raleigh’s Snowmageddon 2014


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raleigh highway 70 glenwood ave snowmegaddon cars backup chaos meme

 Here we go again, time for another potential snow disaster in Raleigh-ville. Just the words ‘snow’ and ‘ice’ brings the town to it’s knees. A few inches of snow crippled the area just one year ago. And of course let’s not forget 2005 where some 3,000 school students were stranded in their classrooms overnight and many people spent the night in their cars on area roads! Let’s hope this is not another repeat. The only highlight of the 2014 snowmegaddon was the hilarious memes it produced from the photo above. Enjoy!

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happy friday!


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black white dynamic range portrait candid kids toddlers

Remember the days of having no cares in the world? Where the most important part of the day was spent finding acorns buried in the ground?

kids hide and seek dynamic range toddlers

Or playing hide & seek in broken-down cardboard boxes? Remember?

I don’t! :)

Here’s to another Happy Friday for the little ones!

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.

’nuff said