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nikon v1

With baby always in tow it’s been very hard to find time to do any photography. Sorry, let me clarify – it’s been very hard to find time to do anything other than baby photography.

nikon v1 portraiture

I recently went through my archives and realized that at just a couple of months old I already amassed over 1000 pictures of my baby – and many of them have not been processed. So, I decided to compile a few at each month of his life to post. This gives me the extra push to finish them and to have something to post (sorry in advance to those who dislike baby posts!).

nikon v1 dof shallow

One of the first finger grasps I was able to capture. I was terrible about not having the camera around to capture baby’s first movements and achievements.

nikon d7000 50mm infant first

By accident we caught a sneeze… 🙂

nikon v1 10-30mm dof

…and the first shock-n-awe.

sleepy mommy and baby

And the picture to sum up the entire first month would be the one above – sleepy mommy and baby.

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’nuff said.