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crowded streets india cars cycles auto rickshaws

A friend of mine just returned from India. When recounting her visit she immediately voiced her disgust of the ‘hustle and bustle of India’.

crowded streets india autorickshaw cycles

“Way overcrowded streets… overrun with pedestrians, cycles, rickshaws, cars, buses, lorries… and cows.” “Noise pollution is everywhere – car horns constantly blaring.”

crowded bus india people on top

“Good luck getting a seat on a bus to anywhere.”

india train station crowded people

“Travelling by train to either short or long distances is pointless unless you like standing shoulder to shoulder, butt to butt with strangers.”

crowded train india

“I hate having to fight my way onto the train. These situations bring out the worst in people.”

crowded train india delhi

crowded market india

“The markets are way too crowded to easily browse through goods.” “I hate having to bargain with vendors.”

Oddly enough, hearing her experience only made me want to be there more. Yea, most of the above scenarios make India unbearable at times, but this is what makes India… India. 🙂

Images via radiomirchi.com, ideastream.org, syracuse.com, utoledo.edu, scanvine.com, fotopedia.com, clearimpression.wordpress.com