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babies eating solid food

Well, this is a big day for me! Mommy told me I get to start solid foods. I can’t wait to see and taste all the good stuff she eats… pizza, burgers, ice cream! It’s been my dream for awhile now!

Let’s see what’s in this bowl… maybe a cupcake?!?!

avocado baby spoon

WHOA! What in the world is that? That’s the weirdest green color I’ve ever seen. Is that even edible?

Avocado? Well, I’m sure it’s yummy since you’re giving it to me! Here we go! 😀

baby introduction to solid foods funny face

BLEH! Is that supposed to taste good? What in the world are you feeding me?!?

avocado puree spoon

Hmmm… well, that’s a pretty nice spoon there… and my favorite color, orange.

funny face baby solid foods

Wait a minute… don’t distract me with a cool spoon! Why are you making me eat this stuff?

baby disgust solid foods avocado puree

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Solid food is NASTY!

Yea, my face and my left hand pretty much sum up what I’m feeling!

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’nuff said.