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What’s for breakfast in a typical Keralite’s house?

idiyappam kerala breakfast

Iddiyappam. Made with rice flour and pressed through a

murukku press

murukku press

to create ‘noodles’ which are steamed.  Generally served with banana, or shredded coconut (this is South India, remember?) and sugar or a savory stew. I ate this pretty much every day during my last visit home.

upuma upma kerala breakfast

Uppumavu was part of every Sunday’s breakfast. I hated Sundays as a kid (for obvious reasons) and this dish just added to it. Well, as I grew older I found that I actually missed it. It’s a thick porridge prepared from semolina. My father(!) typically prepared it as savory – mustard seeds, onions and cashews, but always consumed with mashed banana (we love our bananas!).

dosa kerala breakfast south indian

Above images via flickr, foodlve, and sailusfood.

One of the most popular items for breakfast (or any other meal of the day, quite frankly) is dosa. A rice flour (again, with the rice?) crepe, if you will, often times stuffed with a potato masala and

kerala coconut chutney onion chutney potato masala

served alongside sambar and onion, mint and/or coconut chutneys (there’s coconut again) at my house.

I’m stopping here – it’s time to prepare breakfast! 🙂

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