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Welcome to my brief pizza tour of Naples… continue reading at will! 🙂

First stop? Sorbillo, Via Tribunali 32 (not to be confused with the other Sorbillo a few doors down).

naples italy Neapolitan pizza sorbillo spicy salumi

Savouring every bite (extra chewy crust, San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala!!!) at Sorbillo for under 5 Euro!

sorbillo pizza naples italy neapolitan

Sorbillo at lunch… we made it just before the crowds!

sorbillo pizza naples italy neapolitan

You think the lunch crowd is bad? This is only ~1/3 of the people standing outside Sorbillo waiting for a table (yea, it’s that good).

Decumani neapolitan pizza naples italy

above image via igougo.com

Next stop for lunch – Pizzeria Friggitoria I Decumani, Via Tribunali 58… where I only reconfirmed my love for the Diavola.

Decumani pizzeria neapolitan naples italy

above image via tripadvisor.com

decumani pizza naples italy neapolitan spicy salumi

Diavola… salamini piccante (strips, not slices, of spicy and tongue tantalizing salumi!) and of course San Marzano tomatoes with mozzarella di bufala. And look at that ball of mozzarella di bufala in the middle! Mozzarella from the Campania region is pure heaven!

presidente pizzeria pizza naples italy neapolitan

above image via slice.seriouseats.com

For one evening we ventured to Pizzaiolo del PresidenteVia del Grande Archivio 24, renamed after President Bill Clinton’s famous take-away during the G8 Summit.

Presidente pizza naples italy ripieno

I took a gamble and won. I stepped away from my usual Diavola and chose the ripieno (stuffed) pizza topped with funghi and stuffed with parma cotta and ricotta.

Presidente pizza naples italy ripieno

I will say I am not a fan of ricotta. Actually not a fan of ricotta I’ve found here in the States. But ricotta in Italy? To die for… thick, extra creamy goodness… you wanna bathe in this stuff! 😉

Presidente naples italy pizza

The other pizza? A Fritta (deep fried) stuffed with rapini and salsiccia. Good… but you can’t beat the ripieno with ricotta!

di matteo pizza naples italy

above image via hiddenpalette.com

One of the last stops for pizza was at Di Matteo, Via Tribunali 94. Again I order the Diavola…

di matteo naples italy pizza neapolitan

above image via parlafood.com

…but ate it so quickly that I didn’t think to take a shot. But take my word – it was beyond awesome.

Actually pretty much every pizza stop in Naples was incredible. Not one complaint. And I ate pizza everyday, sometimes twice a day!

And all of the above mentioned are conveniently located on/just off the same street – Via Tribunali. 🙂

Next time maybe I’ll head to Da Michele… maybe. 🙂

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.