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I’m going to talk about a difficult subject matter (for me anyway) here. Brace yourselves… it’s… maternity wear. 🙂

rick owens drkshdw maternity

It was one of things I was hoping to put off as much as possible. Why you ask? Because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to find anything to suit my style. Namely I equated maternity wear with garbage bag dresses or muumuus. I had a lot of friends tell me that I’d probably survive in my pre-pregnancy clothing for most of my pregnancy… who are they kidding? 🙂 But I would like to mention the pre-pregnancy clothes that have worked into my maternity attire.

rick owens drkshdw maternity

My beloved Rick Owens Drkshdw tunic dress. 🙂 Shown above – pre-pregnancy. Slim enough for pre-pregnancy but roomy enough for pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

 Of course I can’t wear it exactly as shown above (I’m vertically challenged). But if I were taller or could manage 6-inch heels I’d do it. 😛

rick owens drkshdw maternity pregnancy

So to accommodate my height, I just take the longest end and wrap it around my back and tuck it over my belt… and voilà – maternity wear! This tunic came in very handy in Italy… lightweight, flowy, breathable wear in the Italian heat.

Tunic: Rick Owens Drkshdw (purchased from Forward by Elyse Walker).

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