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I love gelato. There I said it. Are you surprised?

And of course where are you going to go when you want gelato? Italy, silly!

Casa Infante, Via Toledo – Napoli.

Every where you turn, you’ll see someone with gelato in their hands. (Yes, it’s that good).  Seems to be that gelato is served on every corner in Italy. And why not?

Now of course, there are some that are very good… and there are some that are fantastic.

My favorite in Napoli (Naples) – Gay Odin, Via Toledo. I was there pretty much every day.

On this day I devoured fragola (strawberry) and frutti di bosco (mixed fruits). It was the one day I didn’t order gelato al limone. I was clearly suffering from the heat.

And a new discovery in Rome – Gelatro del Teatro… (I ate my gelato so quickly every time I visited I didn’t think to shoot until during my last visit) 😦 The cups are lovely though, right? 🙂

above image via tripadvisor.com

 (Highly) recommended by many Roma food blogs for it’s artisanal gelato – I had white peach and lavender (and of course gelato al limone – I learned my lesson in Naples and decided not to go a day without it).

Other flavors – white chocolate + basil, rosemary + honey + lemon, sage + raspberry, etc… They might sound weird together, but the flavor is amazing! I now understand why it’s highly recommended.

Eagerly awaiting my next gelato in Italy.

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.