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Well, it’s time to make a decision. A very important decision! A life altering decision… I’m talking about travel destinations, folks! 😀

I’ve narrowed it down to:

The Amalfi Coast (or nearby Sorrento or Naples) via classicjourneys.com


Stockholm! via 1.bp.blogspot.com/

Yea, it’s a tough decision… now you know why it’s life altering! 🙂

But seriously, these are both beautiful places that I long to travel to.

Last summer I traveled to Rome (my first venture to Italy) and I’ve been longing to see more of Italy since then.

 Sorrento via wayfaring.info

Chaotic Naples street scene via mrcheapflights.com

Sorrento street scene via fredfry.com

But, then there’s Stockholm… another place on my hit list!

I would love to meander through the medieval alleyways in Galma stan

via dirtcheapstockholm.com

Being able to view the beautiful baroque Royal Palace in person!

via planetware.com

Casually making my way through the quaint streets…

via perunconsulting.com

and people watching (or photographing in my case!)

via vanessajackman.blogspot.com

So, any recommendations?

Which place should it be? 

What should I definitely see?

What should I avoid?

Pls pls pls, share with me your thoughts! 🙂