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Here are some pics taken from my cousin’s wedding (South Indian Catholic) in Kerala.

The couple at the Betrothal ceremony in Chunkappara, Kerala, India.

The groom and his and her family say prayers before the engagement at the bride’s house. In the background are photos of deceased relatives.

Notice how much gold we wear! (Yes, that’s real gold!) This is the typical style of a South Indian Catholic bride.

Yea, she’s tired… I would be too! 😛 Did I mention how hot it can get there?

Tying of the thali – which I believe literally means “string”. The groom ties a knot with the gold thread from the sari (Manthrakodi) he’ll give to his bride. This gold thread is usually attached to a gold necklace which the bride will wear the rest of her life and symbolizes their union. (Think of it like a wedding band).

Just outside Holy Cross Church, Arthat, Kunnamkulam, Kerala.

Posing with the priest and family.

The reception hall at Holy Cross Church.

The newly married couple.

The bride and groom tired (and relieved) after the very long reception…

And this is just the beginning – I’ll be attending many weddings this summer… more to come! 🙂