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They (who’s they?) always say, ‘If you’re doing a dark lip or heavy blush keep eyes light…’ or ‘Nude lips with smokey eye’.

Elizabeth Olsen in Marie Claire December 2011via inspireme-now.blogspot.com

But how ’bout a deep blush and lip combo?

ELLE 2012 Genius Awards via elle.com

I’ve been enamored (enamored, not in love!) by the image above after stumbling upon it in ELLE

Well, I gave it the ‘ol’ college try’… did I succeed?

I’m not sure. I opted for similar colors on cheeks and lips… maybe that’s the problem. And obviously I cheated on the bare eyes.

Look, me without eye makeup would drive all of you away. (Yes, it looks that bad!)

Oh well… back the ‘drawing board’! 🙂

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