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It’s Spring and you know what that means! Right? No? Well, in my world it’s the start of wedding season.

Not for me, silly! But for many friends, family friends, cousins, bagger at the grocery store, etc. (Ok, kidding on the last one, but you never know).

So now the biggest conundrum is… what to wear? When attending an Indian wedding my thoughts only sway towards a sari, salwar or lehenga.

But sadly there is one quite wasteful problem here – you can’t wear the same thing twice! ‘Imagine the horror if someone sees you wearing the same sari again!’… which I’ve been told on many occasion. Honestly I think it’s just an excuse to buy new clothes!


So you end up with a closet of endless saris, lehengas and churidars that have only seen the light of day once.

Now, back to the problem at hand… what to wear?

One choice – below – is a nice change of pace since pretty much everything in my closet falls in the orange/red family. Imagine the delight of my mother!

 Of course, how can I resist my favorite color…

Or I could go all out and…

go for a contrasting look.

Decisions, decisions…

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’nuff said