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Ever find yourself craving breakfast food at dinner time? No…? What’s wrong with you? Normal people will crave it from time to time. Normal people like me. 🙂

Every now and then I love a waffle with pure maple syrup from Beasley’s. No corn syrup for this Indian girl. Pure maple. And bananas are always a plus (that’s the Indian in me).

Now of course, there isn’t a lot to tie you over with that big fat waffle (carb) fest. So some days I need a huge protein/fat mix alongside it and I can find that in Beasley’s biscuits smothered in sausage gravy. As some would say, ‘it’s so good you want to bathe in it.’ No kidding.

When I’m feeling like a lighter breakfast and I’m in the Charleston area I head over to Hominy Grill for the Shrimp n’ Grits.  Yes, they actually use large size shrimp accompanied with mushrooms, scallions, cheddar and bacon! What the hell are they thinking? 😛

And lastly, the gut buster to end all gut busters is the Big Nasty biscuit from Hominy. I’ll be satiated for days after this!  Chicken biscuit swimming in sausage and cheddar gravy? You talking my language!

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