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Somebody… help me! I was, I am ashamed to say, a long time user of Seche Vite top coat. This was like a gift from above, if someone from above was in the business of making great topcoat (but I really don’t think a higher being would care about that…). Well, one day I decided to check out Seche’s ingredients – lo and behold – toluene. How did I not know this? Well, this left me searching for a new topper with hopefully as much shine and staying power as Seche. After minutes (hours) of interweb searching I decided on Essie Good to Go.

Initially, (2 days) I was loving this topcoat. High shine, fast drying, little shrinking, what else could you ask for? Well, how ’bout no chipping?

See all those chips on the corners? Well that started on day 3, not just on one occasion, but twice, on day 3 after applying. And by day 5… well, lets not go there.

I don’t get it? What am I doing wrong? I never had this problem before with other topcoats and some people talk very highly of this particular one… any body have any suggestions?

nail color: OPI Got the Blues for Red.

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