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I’m going back and forth on thick and thin eyebrows. Now when I’m talking about thick eyebrows I’m referring to Arizona Muse…

via dressme-models.blogspot.com

or Jennifer Connelly.

via beautybets.com

But not Bambi Norwood Blyth.

via luuux.com

Sorry girl, those eyebrows are borderline werewolf to me.

While in India I usually get my brows threaded. And every time I have them done I usually get the reaction of, “Wow, such thick brows!”

via ehow.com

So, for years I’ve kept up my brows according to my eyebrow guru but recently after looking at an image of Arizona Muse…

I decided to fill in my brows and see how much it changes my look…

I lightly filled in underneath my brow with a soft black Rimmel eyeliner pencil.


I likey my new brows.

Bye bye old brows below!

 Now I’ll just have to be careful when I visit India and my eyebrow guru! 😛

sweater: H&M; radial necklace: Nervous System; ring: Wildfox via Karmaloop.

eyeliner: L’Oreal; brow pencil: Rimmel; lipcolor: MAC Velvet Teddy; nail color: OPI Got the Blues for Red.

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.