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I was recently thinking about Sticky Fingers. No, not the Rolling Stones album (although it is quite good)… I’m talking about my favorite stop in DC for sweets, Sticky Fingers Bakery.

scarf: All Saints; sweater: Helmut Lang; camera: Nikon D7000 🙂 (yea, it’s an accessory).

Above image via inc.com

Doron Petersan started Sticky Fingers back in 1999.

And much to the delight of vegan hearts everywhere (oh, did I forget to mention that it’s vegan?) she ensures that taste is priority #1. In fact Sticky Fingers won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars All-Stars competition!

The winning flavors, you ask?

Rolling Stones Brown Sugar: brown sugar cupcake, rum frosting topped with brown sugar brittle.

Man in Black Johnny Cashew: black cocoa cupcake, black cocoa dark chocolate frosting topped with dark chocolate cashew candy.

Salt-n-Peppa Inspired: chocolate bourbon smoked pepper cupcake, salted caramel and vanilla bean frosting topped with fondant candy headphones.

Chuck Berry Inspired: orange cupcake with blueberry cinnamon filling, raspberry frosting topped with a sparkly red fondant guitar.

I could really use a cupcake right now.

Sticky Fingers has expanded beyond cupcakes (and sweets for that matter) into a full menu of both sweet and savory items.

However, for me, sweets are where it’s at. Ever tried their pumpkin cheesecake? You’d never know it’s vegan!

Sigh… I’m ready for more!

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