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Once upon a time there was a girl of Indian descent desperately seeking a nude makeup look.

Blush, eyeshadow, concealer, etc., were easily conquerable. Suitable shades of each were ubiquitous. Lip color, however, was her nemesis. Not giving up this fight, she went brand to brand seeking out a nude lip color that would suit her medium skin tone. After an arduous week I (actually the MAC cosmetics artist) found my go to nude lip color for life.

 In my previous nude love post (we’re talking clothes!) I briefly mentioned the nude makeup look from BECCA Cosmetics.

BECCA Cosmetics/Go Nude Collection

BECCA Cosmetics

The last look above is what I hope I could look like!

BECCA Cosmetics/Lost Weekend Collection

 This was my inspiration (again) to seek out a nude lip color.  I ventured over to the Bobbi Brown counter, and asked the makeup artist to help  me find a suitable light pink lip color (ok, it’s not a nude color, but indulge me here). The ‘Mother Superior’ stylist balked at the very idea because of my “strong features”. She then proceeded to introduce me to reds, burgundys and many other dark shades that I had been familiar with most of my adult life.

And stupidly I bought in to what she fed me, head sunk low after purchasing yet another lipstick in the same shade that I had from most other cosmetics companies. This lip color would join the black hole I call my make up bag… used for a few weeks then left to dry up and die in my lip color cemetery.

Not too long ago I worked up the courage to revisit that makeup counter this time making sure ‘Mother Superior’ was absent. I approached stylist #2 with the same concerns and guess what? “Of course there is a light pink to suit you” she exclaimed. And magically appeared a tube of (sticky, albeit the right color) hot pink (Yea, hot pink. But, hey, it works)  lip gloss. I was grateful to stylist #2 for introducing me to the color and steering me towards the suitable pink color range. Unfortunately I grew tired of trying to pry my mouth open after applying the gloss (nothing like super glue for lip gloss) and went back to my old standby(s)… until recently. This time after perusing a recent issue of Allure I found impeccable shades of peaches(!), pinks(!) and corals(!) that were (supposed to be) suitable for my skin tone. Feeling energized and renewed I turned to another – MAC. After studying the magazine cut outs of my favorite colors, the stylist immediately applied the various shades she had picked out for me in less than 30 sec.

My new MAC Creme Sheen lip color, Shy Girl, and Cremestick liner, Beurre, join my old standbys – Tarte Blushing Bride (and Sunkissed, not pictured – it’s too beat up at this point. Use your imagination) and Sephora Rouge R19. (A special shout out goes to NARS Sheer Lipstick, Beautiful Liar, who was not available at press time).

And guess what? I’ve been in nude heaven ever since (still wearing clothes though)!

You see that gleam in my eye? I’ve found a nude lip color!

Tutorial – (in case you need to know) -I first apply the MAC Beurre lipliner to the entire lip to act as my base, since my natural lip color is quite dark. Then layer MAC Creme Sheen lip color in ‘Shy Girl’ on top. If I’m wearing a strong eye, then I stop here. But if I’m just wearing my everyday look I add MAC Plushglass in ‘Big Kiss’ (a light-med pink gloss), otherwise I might end up looking completely washed out.

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.