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Did she, or didn’t she? And by ‘she’ I mean me.

For those who don’t remember (or don’t care to) I was contemplating a change… I’m talking major surgery… to my hair.

Did she chop it off like Michelle Williams… maybe.

Michelle Williams/luckymag.com

Did she keep the length and opt for all over color? I don’t think so! Although, that hair is awesome!

Penelope Cruz

Did she decide on skunky-lights… oh, HELL no!

Alright, already! What did she do? (And by ‘she’ I still mean me).

Drumroll please!!!

What the what? She went shorter?!?! And ombre again?!?!

Ok, yea, it wasn’t drastic. But drastic isn’t my middle name. In fact, I don’t have a middle name. Weird, right? Anyway, I played it safe.

I usually go shorter in the fall and then let it grow out through the end of summer.

So, sorry for all the suspense and those who peed in their pants in anticipation. 😦 Really wasn’t much of a change but I’m not a drastic kind of gal.

cut + ombre = perfection for me. and the only person I trust is Alexa @ Boylan Heights Studio

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.

’nuff said