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Today ends on a very happy note. I received something in the mail that replaces an item that meant a lot to me. Almost one year ago I had some of my dearest possessions taken from me. It was nearing the holidays and work and home life were very busy. So much time spent buying gifts, visiting family, holiday parties… then I arrived home one day and my heart sank. I discovered that my personal space had been encroached by complete strangers. These people turned my world upside down. Belongings that were very close to my heart vanished without a trace. I realize that these are material things and I was lucky that there was very little damage to my space. But it took many months to finally feel comfortable again. I slowly started to rebuild – purchasing those items that I couldn’t be without – my camera, lenses, other camera equipment and some jewelry. I remember opening the box to my new Nikon D7000. I teared up with joy but also sadness because all those terrible feelings resurfaced. It took me awhile to even pick up the camera since I was so attached to my D90. Today I cry due to happiness because I received another item which was close to me. I won an auction on ebay for a ring which was very similar to one I lost. It wasn’t expensive or anything earth shattering. It just has sentimental value. I wasn’t sure how much it would look like my original ring but my reaction should say it all. Who knew a simple silver ring would bring so much joy! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

my treasured original

my treasured replacement (Robert Lee Morris)

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