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I recently tried a new restaurant in town (Raleigh) – Beasley’s Chicken + Honey.

For those of you in the ‘don’t know’ section, this was a long awaited restaurant from James Beard Award semifinalist, Ashley Christensen. Simple food partnered with simple industrial design – dark bare walls, chalkboard menu, red top tables with screw lift stools, one large communal table, bar and lots of outside light.

My game face – I’m very serious (and apparently tired) when it comes to fried chicken!

Now… on to what’s important – the food! Good ole southern cooking with a slight twist, a different take if you will, on fried chicken (actually the restaurant name pretty much sums it up).  Three entrees were available at the time – 1/4 chicken, chicken biscuit and chicken and waffles. I opted for the quarter chicken (dark)… starting with the basics and sorghum baked beans.  While the chicken was definitely good quality and very juicy(!) with a a light crispy breading, I found it too sweet for my tastes (that’s where the honey comes in, people). I prefer a salty (savory) breading for this savory mouth.  Sides include options like the baked beans I ordered (nothing to write home about, but I haven’t sent a handwritten note to my family in years), potato salad, Kennedy biscuits (who’s this Kennedy fellow?), cheddar pimento mac n’ cheese custard (custard? I’d hardly label it a custard… a mold, maybe). I’m a sucker for mac though, and this didn’t disappoint.

  I divulged in some brews – a few local breweries represented and oddly (or not oddly in keeping with the overall theme) served in mason jars.

Foothills Hoppyum = yummy in my tummy!

The house cocktails (check out Big Bad Old Fashioned on menu above) and dessert list (thoughts of Chocolate chess pie keeps dancing in my head) were very tempting but there was no room for it. Sadly in the end, I can’t say Christensen’s new endeavor is my favorite, but I also can’t say I wouldn’t try it again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Chuck’s, her plunge into the world of burgers. Till then, when is Jimmy Fallon gonna give us a Chicken n’ Dumps? I love chicken & dumplings! 😀

I heart me some chicken. Esp fried chicken. Or chicken and dumps (that’s a Jimmy Fallon reference, btw).

top: Zara; wooden heart pendant: Karmaloop 🙂

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