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Here’s my novice attempt at color blocking. For those fledging fashionistas or those who don’t know (or don’t really care, would you be reading this if you didn’t care?), color blocking is the pairing of bold colors (constrasting yet complimentary).

This look was ubiquitous on the Spring 2011 runway and appears to be sticking around for the Fall (lucky me, as I’m behind the times again!).

I would venture to say that my look isn’t the most daring (but be kind, at least I gave it the ole college try).  My jeans are a bold dark blue. I promise they look more ‘color block worthy’ in person (fail).  My top is ‘poppy’ (Oh snap! Wasn’t that a popular Spring runway color?).

And who could go wrong with a Vert Gazon Balenciaga (which I’ve owned since ’07…) wait a minute does my choice in bold color mean I was slightly ahead of the times? I mean, c’mon, this has got to give me some fashion cred, right? 😀 Ah, I digress…

top: Zara. jeans: Gap. bag: Balenciaga. sunglasses: Gucci. earrings: Etsy. ring: Alex and Ani.

PS. In regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.

’nuff said